Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Au Naturel 2 - Schumacher Launch

Last night I got to see the latest Schumacher collection, presented by Jenifer Stern, the US Export Manager.

The collection  is made up from a neutral color palette and builds on the orignal collection, which was very sucessful. The collection has a focus on fashion-forward denims and indigos, these earthy, elegant fabrics are available in an extensive range of complementary wovens, sheers, embroideries, and prints.

I found Jenifer's presentation very interesting as she imparted  information on the weaving process of the fabrics, as well as stories about the people designing, weaving and embroidering the fabrics. Below are some of the fabrics I liked from the collection:

You really need to see these fabrics in person to appreciate there beauty.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Images from Nepal

Here are some highlights from Nepal
1. Elephant @ Chitwan National Aprk
2. Wild rhino on Elephant safari @ Chitwan National Park
3. Oxen as a mode of transport @ Chitwan National Park
4. Buddist flags @ Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha
5. Hand carved canoes @ Chitwan National Park
6 & 7.  View over the lake @ Pokhara where there is an amazing view of the Annapurna Mountain range, if its clear. It was not.....
8. Prayer wheels at the Monkey temple in Kathmandu

Nepal was amazing, quiet after all the hustle and bustle of India and being in the Chitwan National Park and doing a walking safari (only 3 of us were brave enough) was an experience I will never forget - close up with wild rhino's, was incredible. Pity it was hazy and we couldn't see the Himalaya's until we left for home for Kathmandu airport, as it looks amazing - based on photo's I have seen. Well we can't have everything!

Kris xx

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

India - various images

Thought I would share a batch of snapshots from various places in India.

Market stalls and people out and about on various modes of transport, amazing how many people can squeeze into a motor bike.

 Varanasi, boat ride on the Ganges past the Ghats

Marigold garlands

Jaipur - Amber Fort Gardens and painted entrance detail

Time  for some Chai in handmade terracotto pots, used once and recyled to keep the locals in tradtional jobs.

Next post will be some images from Nepal

Monday, April 22, 2013

Eaglemont Project Update

Lots of progress while I was in India, over in Eaglemont. The framing for the second floor is complete, roof trusses installed and the roof tiles laid. Can't wait until I see it myself.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

India - Agra

One of the highlights of my trip was to see the Taj Mahal. Amazing on the flesh and even in the photo's it look surreal. The intricate marble details are stunning and even patterns that are popular now like the chevron design are found, and it dates back to the 1500's.

The following morning, we got up at 5am to head the other side of the river and see the Taj as the sun rose and without the thousands of tourists, just some random dogs and Buddhist monks, chanting at dawn.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

India - Silk Weaving

While in India I got the chance to see some traditional silk weaving on a couple of 100+ year old looms

There was another loom that was 1000+ years old - they only weave 2cm per day and the detail was incredible. Mind you with all the threads, I don''t know how they now what they are doing.

The reverse side is shown above and below is the stunning detail, its amazing.

Kris xx

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back from my travels

I'm back - I had the most amazing three weeks away with my three sisters and my little sisters friends - mainly in India and Nepal with a few days in KL for shopping.

India is an explosion for the senses - noise, smells and sights, but I must say it exceeded my expectations and no Delhi belly for me....

We are there for the Holi festival and in the spice markets in Delhi the colours were everywhere.

I'll post some more of my photo's over the next week.