Friday, June 29, 2012

OMG...where has the week gone

I have had a crazy week, meetings new clients, fabric selections and bathroom renovation check measures and the delivery and installation of some jobs nearing completion. I only just noticed its been a week since I posted.....

Sneak peak at one of the amazing curtains installed.

Took my nieces (2 of them anyway) to Lady Gaga last night, lots of people dressed up, lots of screaming and dancing but a fun night. I'm also taking them to Comic Con, yes a comic convention, I never thought I would be going but I never expected them to want too...... Can't wait to see what its like, I'm sure I'll have some photo's to share after the weekend.
Who know's what next week will have instore.....

Sunday, I think feet up and reading in front of the open fire is all I want to do

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