Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Block - rooms

I have been recording The Block and flicking through the episodes each night and I must say that last nights rooms left me underwhelmed......guess the judges were too based on the scores.
It good to have the show set in Melbourne and see them in stores you know well.

Didn't mind this room but wasn't sure about the silk curtains - thought a natural linen may look better with the industrial concept.

I liked this room the best- the colours and styling were good and I have a thing for grey walls at the moment.... love the Fenton and Fenton cushions and the framed newpaper prints found under the flooring while this team was renovating.

Did not get this room at all......and I couldn't find a better image. This is the first room you see as you enter the house and its just cream and brown and very underwhelming.

This room was well finished but over styled.....whats with all the pillows / cushions and the two throw rugs?

Look forward to seeing the next reveal.

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